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2 days ago

Me and My Pop was the idea of jimbuhu and timbo1437. There was no budget, no investors and no income; only time, ideas, website development skills and a passion for singing. Ever since I can remember my dad sang to us. Whether it was a song he made up about a wild squirrel scurrying through the forest, or 'Sing me Back Home', we were captivated on those long drives to and from wherever, and that's where my love for music began.

We launched the very first version of TIK on January 21, 2008. It was a little website that had lots of potential, with bright graphics and bold fonts. It hobbled along the web just wanting someone to visit it and become its friend. Maybe even bookmark it. Only a handful of people came to see it. Mostly friends from other sites, or from my home town. It was hardly functional, but it had hope. A glimmer of freedom lurked in the code. Freedom to upload, comment, leave feedback and not have to worry about ratings, or popularity. It was about singing. Real people, with real talent, singing.

The Old Classic

Several years went by and the site was attacked by a band of pirates. Well maybe not pirates, but an onslaught of copyrighted, original artist music flooded the home page. Wading through the masses of original artist songs you could faintly hear the cries of those wanting to sing and be heard. These cries would not go unnoticed, for on February 13, 2011, after 6 months of hard work, thousands of lines of code later, the new TIK was birthed from amongst the failure of the first.

Some of my very first members started to show up on the site. Small at first, but growing with each passing day. The stability of the server was key. Would it hold the amount of users. Would it crash. As more and more users signed up, I was relieved to see that the server was strong. Stronger than ever. Ready to accept all that which be thrown his or her way. I am not sure if the server is a he or she, but it's stability ranks it up there amongst the immortals.

Where would the site be without it's faithful members. Those who post constantly. Who leave feedback, comments, support for each other. Who pray, laugh and morn when the occasion calls for it. Without you, yes you, the person reading this right now, this site would cease to exist.

Now a new day has dawned, and our site has grown even more, and a freshly designed site with better code has emerged from the ashes. We have new, incredible, passionate, friendly singers and we are constantly gaining more every day. I hope that you enjoy using this website as much as I enjoyed building it. It has been a labor of love that I hope to continue to build and make additions to. If you ever have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.

Tim Busbee - timbo1437

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