I Should Have Know Better
as sung by gnerg
original artist: Beatles
genre: 1960s

Sang by John Lennon. I like John double tracked the lead vocals as he did in the studio. I had trouble with the really high part, but it came out good. Here is some information about the song. In the studio The Beatles began recording I Should Have Known Better on 25 February 1964, a day which also saw them record Lennon's You Can't Do That and McCartney's ballad And I Love Her. That day the group recorded three takes of I Should Have Known Better. At this stage the song was quite different to the final version, containing a Dylanesque harmonica solo and ending on a lead guitar line. Only one of the three takes was complete; the second attempt was a false start which ended when Lennon collapsed into hysterics over his harmonica playing. The Beatles returned to the song the next day, recording 18 takes. Again there were many aborted attempts, and the final version was take nine. John Lennon double-tracked his lead vocals and overdubbed his harmonica part to complete the song. The final version, including these additions, was take 22.

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